Lehman Fee Calculator Please select Single or Double Lehman, fill out the EBITDA (in millions) and EBITDA Multiple and click Calc Fee to determine your brokerage/referral fee based upon the Lehman Formula (Learn more on Wikipedia).

With a TEV of:
$ million
Your Fee would be:

The other ways to remember the calculation / keep it simple in your head are:
  • $150k for first $5m TEV + 1% of the balance; OR
  • $200k for the first $10m TEV + 1% of the balance
In the future I could add flat % (i.e.1% & 2%) as well as Reverse Lehman options to this calculator if enough people would find it helpful – please let me know in the comment section of this post: Dan Herr's Blog - Lehman Fee Calculator.